Whistleblower System

Responsible body and data protection officer

Neuromedex GmbH
Vierenkamp 15
22453 Hamburg
Phone number: + 49 (0) 40-696 564 -100
E-mail adress: contactnoSpam@neuromedex.com

Contact data protection officer:

Frank Berns
Konzept 17 GmbH
Westring 3
24850 Schuby
Phone number: +49 (0) 4621 5304050
E-Mail adress: mailnoSpam@konzept17.de


Whistleblower system

Compliance with legal regulations and compliant behavior is a matter of course for Neuromedex GmbH. In order for us to continue to live up to this requirement, it is important to learn about possible misconduct and to be able to process it accordingly and remedy it. In order to ensure an independent and confidential whistleblower system, we have introduced a corresponding independent reporting office in collaboration with Konzept 17 GmbH. Through this measure, we ensure that the anonymity of those who provide information is maintained at all times.

How do we process your report?

Our whistleblower system guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers:

  • Every incoming report is checked by the independent reporting office and consistently followed up.
  • The resulting investigations are carried out in compliance with the highest level of confidentiality.
  • Your personal information will be processed by the independent reporting office as part of a protected process and forwarded anonymously to Neuromedex.
  • Neuromedex examines the matter and submits a statement to the independent reporting office.
  • The reporting office will then promptly provide feedback to the whistleblower. However, the processing time can vary and depends, among other things, on the subject of the report.

Submit a report, but do it correctly!

In order for a report in the whistleblower system to be processed and checked by the independent reporting office, it is important that you submit the report as specifically as possible.

It is helpful if you consider the five W questions when making your report:

Who? What? When? How? Where?

As a person providing information, please make sure that your descriptions can also be understood by non-experts. It is helpful if you are available to answer questions from the independent reporting office. In this case, too, your anonymity towards Neuromedex is guaranteed.


By Telephone:
04621 – 530 40 17

In Person:
Konzept 17 GmbH
Westring 3
24850 Schuby

Place for alternative reports!

In all cases that do not involve a report under the whistleblower protection system, you can reach us using the following contact details: