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Lumbar CatheterPRO

Time-saving and safe

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Lumbar CatheterPRO with inserted hydrophilic mandrin

Neuromedex lumbar catheters for external lumbar drainage are specially developed to meet the highestdemands on infection prophylaxis, precision and patient safety.
With an inserted hydrophilic mandrin, the Lumbar CatheterPRO is ready for use more quickly. This not only saves time, it minimises the risk of undetected contamination and facilitates positioning.
The extra-long Tuohy cannula ensures precise placement even in obese patients. At the same time, the specially profiled cannula eye protects the catheter from damage.
All Neuromedex lumbar catheters are manufactured in Germany from the highest-quality materials for optimal flexibility and stability, and are designed for demanding use in neurosurgery.

inserted mandrin

hydrophilic mandrin

fine scaling with numerical marking

highlighted distal marking

special profiling of the cannula eye

extra-long Tuohy cannula

VentrEX® Complete External Drainage

With its directly inserted mandrin is ready for use more quickly and minimises
the risk of infection due to undetected contamination before the procedure.

The hydrophilic mandrin can be easily removed to avoid catheter dislocation.

The fine scaling with numerical marking helps to place the lumbar catheter precisely and simplifies postoperative position control.

The highlighted distal marking indicates when the catheter reaches the spinal space.

The special profiling of the cannula eye allows atraumatic penetration into the tissue and at the same time prevents damage to the catheter.

The extra-long Tuohy cannula is suitable for safe use even in obese patients.

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