BBC Brain Biopsy Cannula

Disposable instrument for easy, reliable use and precise tissue sampling

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Stereotactic Brain Biopsy Cannula - For easy, reliable use and precise tissue sampling

Single-use brain biopsy cannulas are vital for neurosurgical navigation and diagnostics, as they essentially eliminate the risk of infection or acquired prion diseases. Numerous characteristics of the system allow an easy, reliable aspiration to obtain a perfect tissue sample through a brain biopsy procedure.

The cannula's cutting window control serves as a prime example, providing surgeons with two methods of sensing whether the cannula's window is open or closed – visually, through colored identification markings, and haptically, through distinguishable shaped recessed grips. The brain biopsy cannula's precise attention to detail provides fosters the surgeon's precision and the patient's safety.

Control of the cutting window

Ergonomic locking screw

Transparent port for visual control

Cutting window

Disposable cannula for easy tissue sampling via brain biopsy
enabled by laser-ground window edges optimal cannula sizes


Constant puncture depth
due to length markings and efficient depth control with ergonomic locking screw


Permanent control of cutting window
thanks to both visual and haptic markings to the recessed grips


Aspiration without affecting the cannula
made possible by a flexible, soft aspiration tube

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