Brain Biopsy Cannulas

Preserving structures while taking tissue samples:
Single use instruments for reliable infection prophylaxis

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Neuromedex brain biopsy cannulas for highest standards of patient safety

Brain biopsy cannulas are used to obtain tissue samples from the affected area in cases of primary brain tumours and unclear brain lesions. This has by now become standard neurosurgical procedure, because the histological findings provide fundamental clues for a differentiated diagnosis upon which to design the therapy.

Therefore, there are many important requirements for such cannulas. They need to ensure injury-free aspiration of the tissue, offer clarity and transparency during operation and guarantee the best possible protection against infections or the risk of acquired prion diseases.

Performing brain biopsies with minimal risk of infection

In many cases, a deep brain lesion or a brain tumour is determined as part of a stereotactic biopsy. Neuromedex has developed a sophisticated single-use instrument for this purpose: a brain biopsy cannula that can be used only one time, thus significantly minimising the risk of infection or transfer of prions and ensuring the extremely careful and gentle removal of tissue. Our product developers have thought through every last detail of these special cannulas, which aim to simplify handling and increase patient safety.

Brain biopsy cannulas for neuronavigation

As a novel, software-controlled procedure, neuronavigation allows for extremely precise OR planning and an intraoperative orientation, thus assisting the surgeon in the challenging task of performing surgical interventions within the complex anatomical structures of the cranium. In this area, Neuromedex has focussed on developing a highly sophisticated navigable brain biopsy cannula. In interaction with respective navigation systems, this single use cannula allows for further process optimisation, while facilitating a safe and clear handling durng brain tissue biopsies.

In addition, Neuromedex offers high-quality, retroreflective navigation markers that are compatible with all common surgical navigation systems.

Navigable BBC Brain Biopsy Cannula

Precise positioning and preserving tissue sampling

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BBC Brain Biopsy Cannula

Disposable cannula allows to
easily obtain the perfect
tissue sample.

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Navigation Marker

Retroreflecting, single-use markerfor all prevalent surgical navigation systems

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