VentriClear® Ventricular Catheter

Maximum drainage of cerebrospinal fluid –
thanks to minimized catheter walls

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Semi-transparent ventricular drainage catheter - provides optimal patient safety

VentriClear® ventricular catheters are defined by a multitude of advanced properties
– from clearer monitoring to increased kinking resistance.

Semi-transparent and radiopaque
Rising cerebrospinal fluid is directly visible, possible blood content is noticed immediately – additionally, the catheter is radiopaque.

Length markings
The refined scaling in intervals of 1 cm makes insertion easy and safe.

Small outer, large inner diameter
Thin-walled, but kink-resistant catheter tubing promotes maximum drainage of cerebrospinal fluid.

Fixable catheter connector
Safe fixation onto the scalp reduces strain on catheter – the possibility of a dislocation is minimized.

Length markings in 1 cm intervals

Semi-transparent catheter material

Catheter connector with wings for safe fixation onto the scalp

Catheter tip

Exact positioning in the ventricle
thanks to numbered length markings

Semi-transparent catheter material
allows immediate visibility of rising liquid

Small outer, large inner diameter

Maximum drainage of cerebrospinal fluid
minimized catheter walls offer an enlarges lumen and show excellent kinking resistance

Catheter connector
user-friendly design provides safe connection and skin fixation

Prioritizes patient safety


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