Surgical Disposables
for Neurosurgery

Time-saving ancillary products of premium quality

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Tailored product selection for day-to-day neurosurgical procedures

Being an expert in developing and manufacturing highly sophisticated neurosurgical products, Neuromedex is well acquainted with the day-to-day processes as well as the special requirements in the area of neurosurgical operations. It is our concern to provide the OR team with a wide range of ancillary products.

Our focus is always on simplifying and expediting individual work processes for surgeons as well as assisting specialists and technical staff through our OR products. Our experienced product experts have put together a customised range of products in order to relieve the burden on the OR team, at least to some extent.

OR products

Apart from vascular loops, cautery tip cleaners and clamp covers, our range of high-quality OR products also includes navigation markers, skin markers and micro-suction cannulas.

These products have been carefully selected for the neurosurgical discipline and designed as single-use medical products: one-time use of OR-accessories is of fundamental importance especially in the field of neurosurgery to avoid unnecessary risks of infection. All of our products are therefore manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards.

Time-saving and convenient use in the OR

With its selection of OR-accessories, Neuromedex provides the surgical team with more than just ease of handling. The enormous ease of use and the increased efficiency that comes with it help to vitally reduce the time required for the whole surgical procedure, which is all the more significant in view of increasing cost pressure.


Silicone vessel loops for easy and
atraumatic vessel occlusion

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Micro Suction Cannula

Single-use mirco suction
cannula for neurosurgical procedures

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Suture Booties

Best protection for finest, delicate surgical sutures

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Silicone clamp covers for atraumatic occlusion of vessels and tissue

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Cautery Tip Cleaner

Abrasive cleaning pad for electrosurgical instruments

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Skin marker used
in all surgical fields

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