Ventricular Drainages

Systems solutions for temporary external CSF drainage -
User-friendly operation and patient safety at the highest level

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Our ventricular drainages - developed in cooperation with experts in the field

Innovative and safe systems for external ventricular drains play a central role in neurosurgery: only when the entire drainage system has been precisely designed can it ensure overall patient safety and keep the risk of bacterial infections to a minimum.

As an accomplished manufacturer, Neuromedex can look back upon its many years of experience in developing and producing external ventricular drains. Thanks to our close cooperation with neurosurgical clinics, we have been able to focus on high user orientation while designing and developing new products.

In order to minimise the risks resulting from possibly incorrect operation, Neuromedex regularly conducts practice-oriented customer workshops to train users.

VentrEX® - the innovative ventricular drainage system

With the VentrEX® EVD System Neuromedex has developed a sophisticated solution, which has been refined to the very last detail, to simplify the day-to-day work in neurosurgical intensive care.

All elements are made using high-quality, transparent synthetic material, which guarantees clarity for the user and thus limits the safety risks for the patient. Large-bore components and a hydrophobic antibacterial filter protect the system against agglutination from the haemorrhagic body fluid – even when used for extended periods of time.

In addition, with VentrEX® EVD Stand we offer a mounting system that could not be more user-friendly.

The  VentrEX® Complete System – comprising the drainage and a disposable mounting system – provides the user with a functional comprehensive system for the safe and easy operation of both components. The system has been designed for immediate use and does not require any complicated assembly.

VentrEX® Complete

Versatile complete solution -
ready-to-use for ventricular
and lumbar drainage systems

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VentrEX® EVD-System

Optimum operation comfort and patient safety on all levels

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VentrEX® EVD-Stand

Easy and safe mounting of external ventricular drainage systems

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