For over 15 years Neuromedex has been a company that
specialises in single-use neurosurgical products

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Quality and reliability – our driving forces

For over 15 years Neuromedex has been a company that specialises in single-use neurosurgical products with particular focus on innovative external ventricular drains. We are an owner-managed company with a head office and production facility in Hamburg and a team of 70 long-serving employees. The ambition that drives the entire team is the development of user-optimised product solutions to ensure the highest possible levels of patient safety, and accomplishing this is our privilege.

To fulfil this ambition, we constantly strive for innovation. This applies equally to new as well as to our existing product solutions. For example, if we identify a potential for optimisation in a product during a practical application, the product is immediately adjusted to ensure the desired user experience.

We consider this constant optimisation essential for a lasting, collaborative customer relationship.

We generate new product ideas in international, close cooperation with neurosurgeons and nursing staff. Thanks to their many years of experience, they show a deep understanding of the application of these products in everyday medical life. For Neuromedex, this special knowledge forms the basis for manufacturing high-quality single-use products, where the user is front and centre.

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Quality you can trust… 

… I guarantee it.

For more than 30 years, I have been involved in the sales and distribution of single-use neurosurgical products within Germany and internationally; of these 30 years, I have spent 15 as the managing director and founder of Neuromedex. To me, it has always been important to have a direct dialogue with hospital specialists and experts within the country and abroad – these include nursing staff, intensive care specialists and neurosurgeons. My focus, back then and today, is on identifying the different needs and requirements of our customers. I want to understand their needs in terms of quality, design and product functionality, and then meet these requirements to their complete satisfaction.

The development and advancement of innovative external ventricular drains is my personal passion. I am always on the lookout for product features that make work easier for the user and increase patient safety. The regular examination of existing solutions and the passion to be able to offer our customers the best possible products drive me, as an entrepreneur, along with my team, to put neurosurgical innovations into practice.

Marco Geyer, Managing Director and Founder

Our values – what Neuromedex stands for

Our business is built on values including reliability, sincerity and trust. As an owner-operated company, Neuromedex pursues long-term interests, where the focus is on people. This approach results in long-term, collaborative customer relationships and is reflected in our products as well. Our aim is to achieve complete user satisfaction with our premium customised products and services and to contribute as far as possible to the safety of patients.

Neuromedex in Germany and worldwide

The Neuromedex customer base is predominantly located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have been supplying numerous clinics and hospitals for over ten years. Apart from that, Neuromedex products are distributed internationally via a network of authorised specialist retailers all over Europe, in South Africa and Brazil, among other countries. Individual customer requests and country-specific user requirements are taken into consideration in detail during the production of our specialist products.

A medical technology company with its own craftsmanship 

Our craftsmanship helps our company to stand apart from the rest: Neuromedex manufactures its entire product portfolio in our own clean rooms in Hamburg, which boast an ideal combination of manual and automated production processes. Over fifty employees put the innovative Neuromedex concepts into practice with great skill and the utmost attention to detail. We take the currently applicable ISO standards into account, as well as intricate quality assurance processes. The result are high-quality specialised neurosurgical products that offer the highest possible levels of user-friendliness and patient safety.


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