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Lumbar Catheters

Mature concept for temporary
external lumbar drainage of CSF


Neuromedex Lumbar Catheters - the solution for patient safety and user orientation

Lumbar catheters designed specifically for temporary external CSF drainage must also meet the high demands placed on them in terms of material quality and production standards.

Patient safety and user orientation are our top guiding principles when developing product concepts an designing products, down to the very last detail. Practical application of these products has shown that it is the apparently minute modifications that give the product a significant boost in effectiveness and ease of use. We believe that constant close cooperation with experts in clinics and highly advanced laboratories are absolutely indispensable when it comes to refining a product to such an extent. Continuous exchange of information gives us the option to incorporate practical user experiences into the development of our lumbar catheters and to optimise them accordingly.

Lumbar catheters - standard and advanced variant

Neuromedex offers two variants of catheters for temporary external lumbar drainage: The standard lumbar catheter, made from flexible, non-kiking Material, and VentriGuard® Lumbar Catheters – an advanced and sophisticated version of the standard catheter that offers a range of additional features. Both variants are available from Neruromedex in the PRO version, the Lumbar CatheterPRO and the VentriGuard® Lumbar CatheterPRO with intserted hydrophilic mandrin.

Developed by our experts, the name VentriGuard® represents the innovative overall concept for our neurosurgical drainage systems. The aim of this product concept is to minimise drainage-associated infections caused by the colonisation of surfaces by pathogenic germs. In VentriGuard® catheters, minimal amounts of ionised silver are incorporated into the material structure. The antimicrobial effect of silver has been widely proven in the medical scientific literature of the discipline.

This product design is especially important in terms of protection against infection in catheters that are used for lumbar CSF drainage over longer periods of time.

Furthermore, both catheters are designed with precise attention to detail to ensure simple, yet safe, placement.

Lumbal CatheterPRO

Silver catheter with
inserted hydrophilic mandrin

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Lumbal Catheter

Silver catheter for
comprehensive safety
during lumbar drainage of CSF

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Lumbal CatheterPRO

Lumbal Catheter with inserted
hydrophilic mandrin


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Lumbal Catheter

Temporary external lumbar drainage - safe and easy


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