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Medical technology ahead of its time

The name Neuromedex stands for innovation in medical technology – it is our aim to individually craft single-use neurosurgical products and customise them to accurately meet the requirements of our customers. Product requirements can vary not only from country to country but also from end-user to end-user, meaning that a standardised solution does not meet the high demands we make of our own work.

Rather, it is essential that we re-think our product development process every time an become closely acquainted with every one of our customers and their specific product requirements and requests. Based on this, we can develop individual, customised solutions. Neuromedex follows this philosophy to create innovations that meet the highest standards.

VentrEX® EVD-Concept

Three pillars for a new standard of patient safety

When it comes to ventricular drainage, three main risk factors jeopardize the patient’s safety:

1. drainage-associated infection risks
2. blocked bacterial filters
3. user errors

With these in mind, Neuromedex has developed the VentrEX® ventricular drainage system. This all-round concept is based on three pillars.




The hygiene module for advanced patient safety

Thanks to its advanced technology, catheters with VentriGuard® offer increased patient protection from catheter-associated infections.

To control pathogenic germs, VentriGuard® technology utilizes minimal amounts of ionized silver, completely incorporated in a non-metallic porous molecular structure. The oligodynamic effect of silver against gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria has been impressively verified in specialist literature.



Optimal user-friendliness through practical knowledge

At Neuromedex, our vision is clear: to develop products made by users, for users. Therefore, it's the know-how of experienced neurosurgeons and nursing staff that is the most important part of designing our innovative medical products and devices. Our in-house scientific advisory board features neurosurgeons and nursing staff who share their experience from day-to-day hospital operations, enabling us to benefit from specific user information and requirements. This practical knowledge forms the basis for developing and refining all Neuromedex products so that they can meet the high expectations of innovative users from neurosurgical disciplines. 

Training for higher user safety

The aim of our medical technology innovations is to offer surgeons, intensive care specialists and nursing staff convenience in performing their day-to-day hospital work and to offer patients the highest level of safety – whether in terms of protecting against infections or against user errors.

We offer regular product training courses to eliminate user errors with as much certainty as possible. This training, in turn, also increases user safety.

The Neuromedex scientific advisory board – experienced and international

In order to follow our vision and to develop medical technology innovations with extraordinarily high user-friendliness, we have firmly integrated a scientific advisory board into our innovation process. The board consists of neurosurgeons, intensive care specialists and nursing staff who possess expert, professional knowledge from various countries. The international character of the board and its members' many years of practical experience set the Neuromedex scientific advisory board apart.

Since user requirements differ from market to market, it is essential to incorporate ideas, requests and information from different countries into product development. Neuromedex pursues this approach through its scientific advisory board and offers customers market-specific optimised product solutions.

Customer-specific optimised products

At Neuromedex, our innovation focuses on users and their requirements right from the beginning. We take users into account at the outset – product features and design are strictly oriented towards user requirements. The Neuromedex scientific advisory board convenes regular meetings to identify user requirements.

Advisers from the fields of neurosurgery, nursing and intensive care ensure that valuable practical knowledge is available for every product range – from ventricular drains to lumbar catheters. The integration of this knowledge with the individual requests of Neuromedex customers results in innovative products – with the greatest possible user orientation and patient safety.

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