Medical Craftsmanship

Customer-specific and very effective:
Product design and manufacture at the highest level - Made in Germany


Individual product solutions for neurosurgery - In-house manufactured

Our innovative single-use products are manufactured in our own boutique manufacturing plant. The product concept is the starting point of every development process, which emerges from close dialogue with end-users, including physicians and nurses. This idea is then developed further, with the concrete needs for patient safety and user-friendliness taken into account. It is then crucial for Neuromedex to decide which features and specifications are relevant to the particular end-user. This is determined in a personal and individualised discussion. Subsequently, we craft single-use neurosurgical products of the highest quality using an optimal combination of manual and automated manufacturing techniques. Validated manual and auomated processes guarantee precision down to the smallest detail, while ensuring uniformity and dimensional accuracy. Our production workers always have their eyes on the customer-specific requirements and follow them exactly while crafting the product.
Next to our innovative neurosurgical range, Neuromedex produces high quality disposables for the fields of cardiology & intensive care medicine, cardio surgery, gastroenterology as well as general surgery under the Dispomedica brand.

Quality assurance

Neuromedex - We are known for our premium quality and craftsmanship

Being a specialist in developing neurosurgical single-use products, quality is our first priority in every aspect. In order to guarantee an outstanding level of quality, a number of different measures for quality control are implemented in all manufacturing processes. Manufacture of all products is taking place in our manufacturing plant in Hamburg, which offers monitored clean rooms of class ISO 8.

In-Process Testing:
Our skilled employees perform various in-process control procedures along the entire manufacturing chain. For example, every ventricular drainage system is tested individually in an elaborated process for leakages and for proper function.

In order to ensure compatibility of the applied tubing material with other components, the material is constantly tested for dimensional accuracy, partially by means of a non-contact laser micrometer.

Final Inspection:
As a last step in the production process, a visual inspection of each and every product is conducted. Does the product meet our high standard of quality, it is ready to be delivered.


Customised concepts

The idea behind all our product solutions is to make work easier for the user – thanks to customer-specific requests and valuable experience from neurosurgical experts and intensive care specialists.

High flexibility and attention to detail

In our manufacturing plant we ensure individual, highly precise and timely implementation of customer requests, taking into account all currently applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

Reliable quality

Combining validated mechanical and manual production processes offers particular solutions. Outstanding quality is guaranteed through testing and inspection measures along the entire production chain.

High Technology Products - Made in Germany

As a designer of innovative and sophisticated product concepts, Neuromedex places great importance on highly specialized state-of-the-art production technology - made in Germany.

"Made in Germany" medical devices

Every product manufactured in the Neuromedex boutique manufacturing plant has earned the right to the description "Made in Germany". We take great pride in the fact that we are able to manufacture our medical devices in Hamburg. This ensures that the manufacturing is carried out using state-of-the-art technology, while achieving excellent quality standards that fully comply with strict specifications. Being able to manufacture products in Hamburg also allows us to implement customer requirements on an individual and flexible basis. 

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