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EVD Stationary Support System for safe mounting of ventricular drainage

The extent to which innovation can yield new practical advantages becomes apparent in the height adjustment to the foramen of Monro level – with a laser pointer that ensures quick and precise performance. And to further improve the ergonomic and economic qualities, an adaptor lets you flexibly integrate a pressure transducer into the support system. Speaking of flexibility: the modular, long-lasting support system can be mounted onto almost any intensive care bed. Any CSF drainage needs reliable constants, such as maximum ICP, zero point of the transducer and determination of the foramen of Monro position. The VentrEX® EVD-Stand stationary support system safely mounts external ventricular drainage systems and keeps all initial adjustments constant – even when the headrest is adjusted. No need for complicated re-adjustment – a great relief especially for intensive care units.

Below some videos showing simple and user-friendly handling with the VentEX® EVD stand.

Angiography holder

EVD stand type 1

EVD stand type 2

EVD stand type 3

Laser pointer battery change

Measuring chamber holder

Transducer adapter plate

Easy adjustment to different heights
By adjusting the back of the bed, the preset parameters are retained, only the stand must be aligned vertically.


Modular structure
The stand can be adjusted flexibly to the  requirements of all kinds of hospital beds.


Integrated laser pointer
Saves time and effort when setting the drainage’s height – while enabling maximum accuracy and patient safety at the same time.


Compatible with all standard transducers
All standard transducers for ICP measurement can be accurately installed.

Fixation clamp for the infusion stand

Easy adjustment when height changes

Laser pointer

Compatible with all standard transducers

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