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Medical Technology by Neuromedex - Quality and Innovation

The highest possible patient safety and user orientation – these are the guiding principles we follow while designing and developing all Neuromedex products that will be used in neurosurgical diagnostics and therapy. Superior manufacturing precision is a further requirement that has to be met in all steps of production, to ensure optimal infection prophylaxis and minimal patient traumatization.

All Neuromedex product solutions are manufactured in our cleanrooms in Germany with the utmost care and attentiveness and under strict safety criteria, whether they are complex system solutions for external drainage of cerebrospinal fluid, interventional pain therapy products, developments in the high-tech field of neuronavigation or a range of ancillary medical products for OR and intensive care units.

Synergies from our long-term, interdisciplinary networking with experts from academia and clinical practice are supporting us in developing innovative medical technology products of forward-looking design.

The craftsmanship of Neuromedex products goes beyond just finding large-scale solutions. Much of the time, it's the small, well-thought-out details that contribute to patient safety and play a key role for doctors or nursing staff in their everyday routine in neurosurgical wards or intensive care units.

Ventricular Drainages

Patient safety and minimum risk of bacterial infections

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Ventricular Catheters

Sophisticated and well thought out, high-quality and convenient to use

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Brain Biopsy Cannulas

Protection against infections and the risk of acquired prion diseases

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Surgical Disposables

A range of highly sophisticated neurosurgical products

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Low-Vacuum Drainages

Gentle drainage of blood and secretions

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VentriGuard® product


Antimicrobial hygiene module for advanced patient safety




Minimizing risk factors - systematically


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