VentriGuard® Technology

The key concept to prevent catheter-associated infections -
designed by Neuromedex

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The innovative hygiene module for advanced patient safety

Thanks to its advanced technology, catheters with VentriGuard® offer increased patient protection from catheter-associated infections. To control pathogenic germs, the VentriGuard® technology utilizes minimal amounts of ionized silver, completely incorporated in a non-metallic porous molecular structure. The oligodynamic effect of silver against gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria has been impressively verified in specialist literature.

The quadruple antimicrobial effect of silver ions

1. It affects the bacterial cell’s functional and structural proteins: Cell integrity and proliferation are reduced.

2. The bacterial cell wall is changed structurally: The cell wall’s strength and functionality decrease and the bacterium loses its protection.

3. It attacks the cell membrane, releasing potassium and sodium ions: The resulting electrolytic imbalance causes the dieback of the cell.

4. Binding to the functional proteins: The cell metabolism is blocked.



VentriGuard® Ventricular Catheters

VentriGuard®Ventricular Catheters

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VentriGuard® Lumbar Catheters

VentriGuard®Lumbar Catheters

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