Low-Vacuum Drainages

Postoperative drainage systems to ensure gentle aspiration of secretion


Low-vacuum drainages by Neuromedex - reliable and comfortable

Post-operative wound drainages are having fundamental importance for the acceleration of wound healing. Low-vacuum drainages are mainly used in surgeries involving extremely sensitive tissue structures – for example, areas in close proximity to nerves like in neurosurgical procedures. In such cases, low-vacuum drainages allow a very gentle drainage of blood and secretions so as to keep tissue trauma to a minimum.

Drainage system with adjustable low vacuum

In this type of low-vaccum drainages, a constant and soft vacuum ist created by a manually compressible reservoir, which can be individually adjusted according to the requirements. The vacuum ensures permanent drainage of blood and secreation and inhibits tissue entering the drain. An integrated anti-reflux valve in the reservoir prevents the backflow of drainged fluids, providing highly effective protection against the risk of retrograde wound infections.

NeuroVac and NeuorVacpro – when drainage is expected to be extremely soft

Being an expert in the area of post-operative drainage systems, Neuromedex offers two versions of low-vacuum drainages. Both systems have been developed and manufactured by our specialists with the utmost care and attention to detail. The drains of the NeuroVac drainage system are completely or partially perforated and their inner walls have a ribbed surface, whereas NeuroVacpro drains have a fluted structure with four lateral channels that offer larger contact area during drainage.

Both systems have been designed to ensure extremely highest patient comfort as well as safe excellent drainage.


Highly effective fluted
low-vacuum drainage

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Perforated low-vacuum drainage

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