Micro Suction Cannula

Comfortable, time-saving handling –
no infections risks based on reprocessing

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Single-use micro suction cannula for neurosurgical procedures

The performance profile of the Neuromedex disposable micro suction cannula is no different from that of a reusable product: it offers equally effective suction and can be positioned atraumatically very precisely throughout neurosurgical procedures.

However, the disposable product scores with reducing unnecessary infection risks. Conventional reusable suction cannulas show a high potential for infection.

More often than not, the fine lumen can only be cleaned inadequately and with a great deal of time and effort. Consequently, the cost factor for reprocessing is considerable.

During product development, particular attention has been paid to an ergonomic and functional design. The transparent handle with vacuum opening fits securely in the hand and guarantees control by the user at any time. Matt-finished cannula tubes provide a glare-free view at the operation site and their specially rounded tips enable an atraumatic application.

Disposable Micro Suction Cannula

Matt-finished cannula tubes with specially rounded tips for an atraumatic application

Transparent handle with vacuum opening

Standard tip with perforation

Micro tip

Standard tip

Matt-finished cannula surface prevents dazzling effects at the neurosurgery operation site


Suction power, precise monitoring, tissue preservation
Rounded cannula tip for atraumatic placement
Fine-lumen, angled cannula tube for precise placement


Transparent, ergonomically-shaped handle
For improved visualisation of the drainage flow
Vacuum control to adjust the suction power
Compatible with all standard connecting tubes

Developed for single use only to minimise the risk of infection

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