VentrEX® Complete

Sophisticated and clear design for more safety, versatility and user comfort


Systems solution for external ventricular and lumbar drainages

Consisting of the VentrEX® EVD-System and a disposable stand, VentrEX® Complete is the perfect solution for ventricular or lumbar drainage. Its wide range of smart features, clearly arranged components and easy-to-read scale guarantees intuitive handling at maximum safety.

Non Slip Mount

Optional integration of external pressure transducers

Cerebrospinal fluid repellent champer filter

Laser pointer for setting the drainage's height

Large, easy to read pressure scales

Complete and ready-to-use
Smart design, clear arrangement and user friendliness
guarantee safe and efficient operation. As the whole device comes pre-assembled, it can be set up right away.


Steady and safe installation
For maximum patient safety: Attaching the nonslip mount to the IV pole rules out any unintentional height changes of the drainage system. Optionally, it can be attached via
a height-adjustable chord.


Laser pointer
To save time and effort when setting the drainage’s height while simultaneously enabling maximum accuracy and safety, the device can optionally be equipped with a laser pointer.

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