VentrEX® EVD-System

Improved patient safety and functionality on all levels

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VentrEX® EVD-System consists of improved patient safety and functionality on all levels

The new VentrEX® EVD-System - developed together with neurosurgeons and nursing staff - serves to reduce and control intracranial pressure.

The system offers new opportunities in infection prophylaxis under conditions that optimally combine patient protection and cost-effectiveness.


Finely gradated scale

Cerebrospinal fluid repellent champer filter

Large-lumen, color-coded components


Compatible with all standard tranducers

Transparent components
All EVD components are made of transparent materials, allowing users to easily monitor the system at all times.

Cerebrospinal fluid repellent chamber filter
Repels not only water, but also cerebrospinal fluid: even after being in horizontal position for an extended period of time, for example during transport, clogging does not become an issue.

Finely graduated scale
Allows precise measurement of the cerebrospinal fluid’s amount and quality – even when dealing with small drainage volumes

Large-lumen, color-coded components
The possibility of system occlusion by bloody cerebrospinal fluid is minimized – as well as the danger of confusion between venous or arterial components in the vicinity of the patient.


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