NeuroVac low vacuum drainage

Closed wound drainage system
with perforations for careful aspiration of secretion

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NeuroVac - the soft and safe perforated low-vacuum drainage

NeuroVac is a closed low-vacuum system for the gentle wound drainage of blood and secretion. Individual low-vacuum regulation ensures that no tissue can enter the drain, just secretion. An anti-reflux valve integrated into the reservoir prevents backflow of drained fluids – an effective protection against infection.

The heart of the system is a flat, perforated drainage tube made of pure silicone. Its ribbed inner wall guarantees a problem-free drainage even when the drainage tube is collapsed. The extremely soft, non-adhesive silicone material prevents the drainage tube from sticking to adjacent tissue – easy, low-pain drainage removal is thus ensured. A large clip on the reservoir allows attachment to the patient’s clothes, which greatly facilitates patient mobilisation.

Flat, soft and lined with a ribbed Inner wall

Drains with different perforation lengths

Flat drains 3/4 perforation and complete perforation

Round drain and NeuroVac silicone reservoir

Ideal for delicate tissue structures
thanks to flexible drainage design


Easy drainage removal with minimal pain
due to non-adhesive, soft silicone material


Problem-free drainage even when the drainage tube is collapsed
thanks to the ribbed inner-wall design


Optimal protection against infection
as the internal anti-reflux one-way valve prevents backflow of fluid


Individual vacuum adjustment

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