VentriGuard® Ventricular Catheter

Sophisticated product design to meet all neurosurgical requirements
for temporary CSF drainage

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VentriGuard® catheter for CSF drainage promotes minimised risk for infection

The VentriGuard® ventricular catheter meets all neurosurgical requirements for temporary CSF drainage while offering a maximum of infection prophylaxis.

The innovative VentriGuard® utilises smallest amounts of ionized silver, which are completely incorporated in a non-metalic porous molecular structure. This unique interaction of material and active ingredient offers an effective infection prophylaxis without toxic strain for the patient. It aims to minimise catheter-associated infections caused by bacterial colonisation of surfaces.

The antimicrobial effect of silver, also with regard to antibiotic-resistant germs, has been widely proven in medical scientific literature. Prevention of infection is of particular importance in catheters that are used for long-term CSF drainage. The VentriGuard concept offers the ideal prophylaxis.

As a further key benefit catheter placement with utmost precision is permitted by length markers in intervals of 1cm and by a mandarin that reaches all the way to the closed tip of the catheter. Catheter dislocation is prevented by a specific connector which is fixed directly onto the scalp.

Length markings in 1 cm intervals

Catheter connector with wings for safe fixation onto the skalp

VentriGuard® technology

Catheter positioning in the ventricle

VentriGuard®  Ventricular Catheter

VentriGuard – advanced catheter technology
Convenient to decrease material colonisation by pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Permits long-term application (up to 28 days)

Numbered length markers in 1 cm steps
Simplifies precise catheter positioning in the ventricle

Connector for catheter fixation
The option of directly fixing the catheter onto the skin ensures tension relief and avoids
potential dislocation