Silicone Ventricular Catheter

High level of user convenience for CSF drainage

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Ventricular drainage catheter for maximum patient safety

Designed for maximum patient safety during temporary external ventricular drainage, this silicone catheter offers the surgeon quite a few conveniences for handling.

The very flexible but kink-resistant silicone material facilitates an easy and patient-friendly placement.  It is radiopaque, thus position monitoring is assured at any time.

Precise catheter placement at the required position is achieved by an extremely fine scaling with additional number markings.

The user-friendly connector allows for direct catheter fixation onto the skin, which offers tension relief and minimizes the risk of potential catheter dislocation.

Lenght markings in 1 cm intervals

Catheter connector with wings for safe fixation onto the scalp

Silicone ventricular catheter

Accurate catheter positioning in the ventricle
achieved by length and number markings


Comfortable Placement
very pliable, kink-resistant silicone material


Position monitoring
ensured by radiopaque catheter material


User-friendly connection
with direct fixation of the catheter connector onto the skin
avoids accidental catheter dislocation

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