Ventricular Catheters

Advanced catheter technology for convenient use
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Neuromedex ventricular catheters - sophisticated solutions for demanding requirements

Product development of catheters for temporary external ventricular drainage is extremely demanding in terms of the properties of materials used as well as the precision craftsmanship required. It is only by ensuring excellent results in every respect that we are able to fully meet our most important criteria – patient safety and optimised application.

Our expertise in premium catheters used in neurosurgery is the result of constant exchange of information with renowned research institutes and neurosurgeons from various medical centres across Europe. This allows us to incorporate the latest knowledge and insights, as well as innovative ideas from neurosurgical practice, into Neuromedex product concepts.

As a result of our practical orientation in product development, we have created, in addition to a catheter made of flexible silicone, a version with semi-transparent material that allows visual monitoring of the flow and quality of cerebrospinal fluid.

Pioneering catheter technology

The special properties of cerebrospinal fluid, with its high protein content, requires special attention in terms of protecting from infections while draining the fluid. It is essential to minimise as much as possible the risk of potentially life-threatening infections that may be caused due to bacterial colonisation of the catheter.

Neuromedex has developed an innovative technology that forms the core of the VentriGuard® concept. This technology offers a significant protective function, especially when using the product for CSF drainage over longer periods of time.

The material structure of VentriGuard® Ventricular Catheter incorporates minimal quantities of a silver additive, which prevents microbial colonisation of the catheter surface. This minimises the danger of catheter-associated infections, as the antimicrobial effect of silver has been sufficiently verified.

Quality-certified production

As a reliable and trusted partner for neurosurgery, Neuromedex manufactures its products in certified clean rooms in Germany. All Neuromedex catheters are manufactured in compliance with strict standards of our quality management system.

The users are, therefore, provided with catheters for ventricular drain that are sophisticated and well thought out, high-quality and convenient to use – because at Neuromedex we apply all our experience and expertise to achieving just that.

VentriGuard® Ventricular Catheter

Sophisticated technology promotes reduction
of catheter-associated infections

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Ventricular Catheter

Semi-transparent catheter for temporary ventricular drainage

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fixation for catheters

Fixation for ventricular catheters

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