Navigation Marker

Retroreflecting single use markers
for use with all prevalent surgical navigation systems

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Neuromedex navigation markers for precise use during neuronavigation procedures

Neuromedex navigation markers are sterile, retroreflecting, single-use markers for the application of surgical navigation systems. The navigation markers are compatible with all prevalent surgical navigation systems.

The highest product quality, in regards to precision and sterility, is guaranteed for each single navigation marker by state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection methods.

The practice-oriented product packaging, consisting of blister packaging and a sterility bag, ensures optimal protection of the navigation markers and a sterility-safe removal.

The purpose-built dispenser box facilitates an easy removal of the products and an overview of the remaining quantity.

Positioning of navigation markers on the instrument

Blister Packaging offers optimal product protection

  • High quality and precision with strict adherence to quality criteria
  • Compatibility screw (M3) and click (Snap) markers for all prevalent navigation systems
  • Practice-oriented packaging design, optimal product protection, and sterility-safe removal
  • Dispenser box to facilitate an easy removal and an overview of the remaining quantity

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